Quick Introduction: About me and my portfolio web-site.
Versatile writer, film/video scriptwriter-producer-director, and marketing communications specialist with excellent computer skills. Dedicated Macintosh user.
Over twenty-five years of experience in all forms of marketing and corporate communications, including:
  • advertising copywriting
  • web-site copywriting
  • corporate-industrial scriptwriting
  • entertainment screenplay writing
  • technical writing
  • news writing
  • fund-raising and proposal writing
  • publicity and public relations
  • film, video, TV, and radio production
As a writer, I am a hybrid: I can write both creative copy and technical copy. I take pride in my versatility. Throughout my career, I've provided a wide range of creative and technical services both as a staff employee and as an independent contractor. In between contracts, I also work on special projects of my own, usually speculative dramatic screenplays for the feature-film entertainment market. This on-line, portfolio web-site offers you an opportunity to review my work in all my modes of operation.
To get a fuller idea of my range, click on the colorful buttons in each page's header section, and follow the links on my resume pages (one resume is structured functionally; the other is organized chronologically). Or, go to the Selected Writing Samples page; or to the Videos page; or, to my Personal Projects and works-in-progress page. From those pages, you can:
  • read a wide variety of my writing samples in all styles and genres;
  • watch videos that I wrote, produced, and/or directed; and
  • download my resume or samples of my work.
Actually taking the time to read a writer's work, to understand the communications challenge, and to see how the client's objective was met is the only way to get a true feel for what any writer—or professional communicator—can do for you. All else is fluff.

I'm available on a free-lance, telecommute basis for contract work, or locally, for a permanent position. I'm willing to relocate, if assisted, following a mutual try-out period. Whenever possible, I prefer assignments which give me an opportunity to learn new material and master new tools to add more depth to my proven writing skills. If you're looking for someone with both an analytical and a creative mind, you've come to the right site. Routine bores me: I enjoy doing things I haven't done before. I like learning new things; I like new challenges. If you've got one, tell me about it. If I can help out, I will. You will find my contact information in the footer section on each page of my web site. Thanks for visiting.

Testimonial Excerpts
(To read the complete, original letters, see the Testimonials page. )

Atari — Video Game Copywriting

John-Michael has the ability to break down technical subjects and write clear, concise instructions for the general public. He dives headlong into each and every assignment and always winds up with a complete product. He is excellent at researching a difficult subject before sitting down to compose instructional and/or promotional copy. In short, he does his homework extremely well. ... John-Michael also possesses a creative flair that lends itself nicely to copywriting consumer oriented material. His extensive literary background frequently surfaces in his writing, and he has the talent to make it work very well. In summary, John-Michael Battaglia is a strong writer who can produce technical copy, creative copy, and a combination of both that makes for smooth and comfortable reading.
Dennis Matthews, Manager, Consumer Graphics Department, Atari

Hewlett-Packard — Audio Scriptwriting

"Your creative talent was the critical and decisive factor in making this audio cassette a hit with the HP users. ... Above all, the quality of your creative contribution makes you an obvious choice for future assignments with us. ... Thanks again for planning and executing such a great product."
Andrew Garcia, Region Program Manager, Hewlett-Packard

Xerox — Video Scriptwriting, Production, Direction

"On behalf of Cdex-Intellisance and Xerox, I thank and applaud you for your contributions to the Competitive Analysis Video in the Documenter Sales Training Program. Your tireless efforts contributed greatly to what Xerox has indicated sets a new standard for competitive training on new products. ... Additionally, you should be proud of your multi-faceted role that ranged from researching the content to drafting two very different scripts to finally serving as the director for the production. All those roles were performed well. And, fortunately, you directed us to Darnell/Collins as the production house, as we needed their expertise. ... Thank you again and best wishes..."
Douglas H. Tayler, Vice President, Development, Cdex-Intellisance

Chevron — Video Scriptwriting, Direction

"I just completed my initial viewing of our "Behavior Styles" video tape. I feel compelled to share my pleasure with you. I feel the majority of the success of this project is a result of your creative input. You were able to take some rather intangible ideas and construct four separate scenarios around one common thread — their styles of behavior. ... A special thanks for your contribution as director. Your assistance in helping each actor evoke the proper personality characteristics and employ relevant gestures was extraordinary in my view."
Murray Hansen, Senior Training Specialist, Chevron

Triad Systems — Video Scriptwriting

"I want to thank you for the outstanding work you did on the two Point of Sale video scripts. Everyone who has seen them to this point agrees that they are definitely a cut above everything else we have done or have seen. As I look back on the projects, I have to compliment you on your ability, first of all, to understand our approach to software applications training, which I know is not a common one, and second, to develop a script that is both entertaining and instructionally sound about a topic that you knew nothing about. Your attention to detail is second to none, and the pictures you painted in writing of the characters made it easy to cast for the parts. And, to top it all off, you were always right on schedule. ... In addition to producing a fine product for us, you were a pleasure to work with. ... I learned a great deal in working with you."
Paul K. Leary, Instructional Designer, Triad Systems Corporation

SUNY— Video Scriptwriting, Production, Direction

Mr. Battaglia was most gracious and congenial at the first meeting and at all subsequent encounters. He was most interested and attentive to our proposal and helped us immensely in the design and execution of our ideas. He displayed and excellent understanding of the many technical aspects needed to create a video and explained things to us in clear, concrete ways. He was thoughtful, patient, professional, and caring in every way. Without his artistic vision and his ability to actualize our ideas, we would not be as far along with this project as we currently are. He created a detailed plan for the filming of the video and edited the script. He even filmed the entire video. We filmed three vignettes with three different casts at three locations. During each situation, Mr. Battaglia was the consummate professional and engendered great confidence in everyone involved. Indeed, it was a wonderful experience. It could not have been accomplished without Mr. Battaglia's involvement.”
Kathleen Kilcullen-Palumbo, Exceptional Education Department, State University of New York, Buffalo State

John-Michael Battaglia
Buffalo, NY 14214
(716) 316-4447


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